2005-2013 C6 Corvette Morimoto C7 Style XB-2 LED Headlights



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CAR: C6 / Z06 Corvette

YEAR: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


Enhanced Appearance and Performance - Generation 2!

Unmatched Excellence

While the projector headlights on the C6 Vette were cutting-edge in 2005, their illumination falls short by today's standards. The allure of the C7's full LED setup is undeniable. Enter the new Morimoto XB LED headlights: Elegance meets durability, backed by an unmatched 5-year warranty and outshining all alternatives. These headlights are the definitive aftermarket choice for the C6 Corvette Community. When it comes to upgrading headlights, there's no higher point to ascend from.

Optimal Performance

It's remarkable how the C6 arrived with OEM HID headlights, yet their performance remained underwhelming. Flawed optics inside the lights not only began with poor design but also deteriorated over time, causing a 50% or more loss in intensity due to reflector bowl delamination. Morimoto's XB LED headlights, however, deliver a sharply defined beam pattern boasting extensive width, intensity, and a balanced light distribution, surpassing even the more modern C7 configuration.

DOT Certification

Don't be mistaken, these headlights offer significantly superior results compared to simply inserting LED replacement bulbs into your stock housings. Equipped with quad-projector optics, they not only comply with but exceed SAE, DOT, and FMVSS108 regulations when properly aimed – a task made simple with integrated vertical and lateral adjusters.

Easy Installation

Wiring is a breeze as well! Engineered to seamlessly integrate with your C6 Vette without any modifications, these LED headlights effortlessly connect to the factory connectors for stock headlights. Each assembly comes complete with all essential connectors, rubber seals, and pigtails, enabling a hassle-free plug-and-play installation. No error codes, flickering, hyper-flashing, or radio interference. They can be easily removed without voiding your factory warranty.

Innovative Sequential LED DRL

A Game-Changing Feature! The LED daytime running light, powered by Osram 5000K LEDs, emits a striking brightness visible even in daylight. At the upper part of the housing, a line of amber LEDs serves as turn signals. These signals can be configured to operate sequentially or emit a consistent glow, according to your preference.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

With a UV-coated polycarbonate lens that defies time's effects, your Corvette's headlights will maintain a pristine appearance for years. The PPS plastic housing strikes a balance between lightweight construction and remarkable durability, surpassing comparable alternatives. Die-cast aluminum heat sinks within the housings guarantee ample cooling for the OEM-grade Osram LED chips that produce the luminance. While these headlights are newcomers to the market, Morimoto's XB LED lights have proven their excellence over 5+ years, instilling confidence.

Stunning Aesthetics

Simply breathtaking, in our view! The subtle design elements make a profound statement, yet their sleekness rivals top-tier original equipment for those not in the know. Ultimately, the design closely mirrors the C7 headlights, making them the premier method to rejuvenate your C6.

Operational Insights
  • The L-shaped white light functions as the DRL and remains active when parking/headlights are engaged.
  • The amber lights on the sides solely serve as turn signals and hazard indicators, available in sequential or all-on/off modes.
Included Components
  • Headlights: Complete set (Driver Side & Passenger Side)
  • Wiring: Plug-and-play harness
  • Drivers: Flicker/hyperflash modules
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Guide: Installation guide & tech support available
  • Corvette: C6 Corvette (Model years: 2005-2013)
  • Trim: All levels
  • Wiring: Plug-and-play
Technical Specifications
  • Weather Resistance: IP67 waterproof
  • Lens Material: High-impact UV-resistant polycarbonate
  • Light Source: Osram Ostar Headlamp LED
  • LED Optics: Kuria Optic Bi-LED
  • Color Temperature: 5500K (Pure White)

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