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Please note that our items DO NOT come with installation instructions.

We recommend that you get these installed professionally, not everyone can install them properly. Please look for any upholstery shop in your area and contact them. You will need hog rings and hog ring pliers.You might have to cut small holes to put them on.

These covers supposed to fit tight and snug. You have to use either hair dryer or heat gun on the leather so that it stretches out, then you have to squeeze up the foam, close the zip slowly and gradually. If we make the covers slightly bigger, then they will be installed easily but at the end there will be a lot of wrinkles and looseness all round. You might have to leave the covers as is for 24 hours before closing the zip. Don’t put too much pressure on zippers, they might break.


Doesn't matter what kind of car or seats you have, the complexity is pretty much going to be the same. Here are some vidoes which show how to install these replacement seat covers.

Installation video 1
Installation video 2
Installation video 3

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