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Note: We recommend our clients to contact an upholstery shop to install these seat covers. Please note that our items DO NOT come with installation instructions. It is a time taking process and requires patience.

The process for installing car seat covers can vary depending on the type of seat covers you have, as well as the make and model of your car but the complexity will be same.


In general, however, the steps for installing car seat covers are as follows:

To install replacement seat covers on your car, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Replacement seat covers
  • Flat head Screwdriver (if necessary to remove the headrest, and opening of clips)
  • Pliers (to remove any fasteners or clips holding the old seat cover in place)
  • hair dryer or heat gun (before installing use it on the leather to let it stretch out)

You have to use either hair dryer or heat gun on the leather so that it stretches out, then you have to squeeze up the foam, close the zip slowly and gradually. If we make the covers slightly bigger, then they will be installed easily but at the end there will be a lot of wrinkles and looseness all round.

If your seat covers have separate headrest covers, start by installing these first. Take the cover off with the help of a small flat head driver and slide the cover over it, making sure it is securely in place. Note that the new seat covers do not come with any holes for headrests/controls, making those holes is part of the installation process.

Next, remove any detachable cushions or padding from the seat. This will make it easier to install the seat cover and ensure a snug fit. Please note that the new seat covers are the same for both LHD and RHD, and they do not come with any holes for levels/knobs or cutouts for controls. Making those cutouts and holes is part of the installation. You will have to make holes for the seat belt retainer and also for the knees adjuster.

Flip the new cover upside down. Insert the listing wires in the pockets given on the back of the seat cover that will finally be attached to the runners on the foam. Place the cover over the seat cushion, making sure it is centered. Use the hog ring pliers to attach the listing wires with the foam through hog rings. Look at this video to understand the procedure installation video 1

Do the same with the backrest of the seat.

You might have to leave the covers as it is for 24 hours before closing the zip. Don’t put too much pressure on zippers, they might break

Use the straps, hooks, and other fasteners that came with the seat cover to secure it in place. Make sure the cover is snug and fits properly, without any wrinkles or gaps.

Once the seat cover is in place, reattach any detachable cushions or padding, and reinstall the headrest.

Repeat the process for the other seat in the car.

For further assistance you can watch

Installation video 2

Installation video 3

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