Step by Step guide to uninstall seat covers

The process to uninstall may vary with different cars, but the complexity will remain the same. These steps will help to detach the seats and uninstall seat covers from the car. You can also take help from this link Uninstallation video.

  1. Uninstall Headrest and Remove the cover
  • Pop off the plastic covers on the bottom of the headrest rods to expose the headrest buttons.
  • Once the buttons are exposed, push them simultaneously while pulling the Headrest out.
  • Take out the Headrest and open the cover with the help of a small flat-head driver.

  1. Remove the plastic to uninstall the seat cushion.
  • If you have electric seats look at the side of your seat, you will see plastic securing your control panels like in the picture.
  •  Either you will pop out the plastic with the help of pliers, or it will be attached through bolts. Unscrew the bolts and take out the plastic



  1. Remove the cushion

Now turn your seat around. Whenever you uninstall, make sure you take out the seat cushion first.

  • To remove the seat cushion, you must terminate all the electric connections beneath the cushion.
  • Follow the connections and disconnect each until you terminate the main connection.
  • Once you disconnect the electric system, you will see two bolts upward that secure the cushion. Unscrew them and slide your cushion upwards to take it out.

 Or there will be 4 bolts; unscrew them and remove the cushion.



  1. Remove the cover of the cushion.
  • The cover is attached through clips and straps. Unfasten the clips and loosen the straps to take out the cover midway.
  • Turn the cushion, facing it front.
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver and long-nose pliers to unhook the hog rings. (The hog rings can be underneath the circular area), the cushion is now uncovered